How to Meal Prep 


I’m sure most of you have heard the term “meal prep”. The reason we meal prep is because it gives us quick access to healthy food and allows us to make better choices all week long.

Let’s talk about cravings for a moment.  Cravings usually set in when you are just starting to get hungry, the longer you wait to eat the more intense the cravings get.  At the first sign of hunger or cravings, grab one of your prepared meals. You will find that once you eat your cravings usually go away.  If you don’t have your healthy meals easily accessible then the odds of you giving into the cravings and making “poor” food choices becomes much higher.   Hence, why we meal prep! So here are my meal prep tips.

5 Tips for A Successful Meal Prep:

1) Keep it simple
Don’t over think it or it will become too difficult to maintain.

2) Grocery Shop with a Plan
Using the grocery list sent yesterday, plan out what you want to prepare before you go shopping. Also, don’t buy things like chips, cookies, or anything that may be a temptation for you. Sounds basic, but its true!

3) What to Prepare 
The first time you prepare meals it may seem overwhelming and take you a long time. Do not despair, the more you do it the faster you get and you find ways to make it easier.

4) Plan 1- 2 Hours to prepare 
Protein: Cook 1-2 types of proteins in bulk, use lots of seasoning and spices so that you enjoy your food.
Veggies: Cook or have 1-2  types of green veggies
Carbs:  Cook or prepare 1-2 types of carbs
Healthy Fat: Almonds, nuts, avocado

5) Measure your meals
Using a Meal Plan  to measure out your meals and pack them into Tupperware that you can easily bring with you to work or on the go.


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