Bridget’s Story

Bridget Therese was born and raised in the Midwest on a little hobby farm in Wisconsin. She grew up in a family of nine kids and two wonderful parents. She was brought up with a strong work ethic, good values and a love for serving others.

In 2007, Bridget discovered fitness through a little gym in the country. She started off with yoga and cardio classes which soon lead to running, something she never thought she could do. Before she was able to run her first half marathon, Bridget was blessed with her son Christian.  She went on to complete two half marathons and run many other races.

In October of 2011 Bridget was expecting her second child when suddenly without warning lost her baby girl Claire to a premature birth. Bridget’s world came to a screeching halt. As a result of going through such a difficult loss, she suffered from depression and cut herself off from the outside world.  In January she decided that her son deserved a better version of her and it was time to get healthy again for her son. She knew she needed to start eating to get back to a healthy weight. She decided to compete in her first fitness competition and seized the opportunity to learn a new world of fitness, lifting weights. She placed top five in the model division in her first show and went on to compete three more times in 2012 placing in the top five in every show. In 2013 with a more advanced training program she was able to take home the title of Great North Model Champion.

In 2014 Bridget relocated to Houston, Texas to further her career and to have more opportunities in fitness modeling.  She competed again Internationally in Mexico City and took home the Model Mexico Champion 2017 title.
Through fitness she has found drive and passion that has carried over to all parts of her life.

In 2017 Bridget Therese founded Empowering Women Through Fitness, a group of over 300 women who she teaches nutrition, exercise and having a mindset for success.  She has shared her personal story of overcoming hardship with thousands of women and has been an inspiration to many on their journey of health.  She doesn’t just focus on the physical aspect but the internal aspect and helps women find their confidence and to be their best self.

She believes her emphasis on mind and body make her a stand out from the very crowded industry.  Her ability to relate to women in all walks of life make her one of Houston’s Finest Trainers. She hosts a weekly Facebook LIVE show, Empowering Women Through Fitness, Talk Show. Its not just about physical fitness but mental, emotional, spiritual,  etc. She brings weekly inspiring women from around the world who share their stories of overcoming obstacles in life.

Bridget is an internationally recognized fitness competitor, model and speaker. She has a desire to live outside the box and to chase after the dreams planted in her heart.

Join her on her journey as her story continues to unfold.

4 thoughts on “Bridget’s Story

  1. Nice meeting you today. Thanks for being so kind and not macing me. 🙂 You’re a naturally encouraging person and I look forward to your increased success (I believe you’re a success already) 🙂


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