Strong Mind, Strong Body eBook!

  In Strong Mind, Strong Body, Fitness From the Inside Out, Bridget Therese shares her fitness journey from having never worked out to the extreme world of fitness competitions to now no longer having a gym membership. In this book she shares how to achieve your lasting fitness goals by working from the inside outContinue reading “Strong Mind, Strong Body eBook!”

Empowering Women – Episode 2, SaraMae

  ‼️Episode 2‼️ Empowering Women Through Fitness the Talk Show with Special Guest, SaraMae Hollandsworth ~ ~ ~ “SaraMae is a life long athlete, trainer and fitness competitor. A sudden infection nearly claimed her life and ultimately claimed both of her legs below the knees. Listen to her inspiring story of how she set outContinue reading “Empowering Women – Episode 2, SaraMae”


I said peace ✌🏽 out to corporate America 🇺🇸 a few weeks ago. It’s an amazing feeling to have control of my life and time. It’s scary af to be in survival mode but I couldn’t be more excited about the future. I’ve already had my highs and lows and the biggest struggle is dealing with my mindset- remindingContinue reading “🙏🏽PLEASE READ 📖”