Trust the Process

On this journey as a fitness model and competitor, I have learned many life lessons. I have come to realize that many of the lessons I’ve learned through training for a show and competing can be applied to every day life.  Today I want to write about a very simple but significant lesson I’ve learned; trusting the process.

I’ve been sitting on this topic for about two months now as I was putting the very concept of “trusting the process” to test in my personal life.  Now, one thing I know for sure is that if you follow a good nutrition and exercise program you will see good results. I know this from my fitness competition days where I personally experienced having to trust the process and seeing it work magic on my body. However, when it comes to real life events and trusting that everything happens for a reason, it can be a little more challenging for me to sit back and trust that everything will turn out okay.

Let me tell you how I put trusting the process to the test. Two months ago I walked away from a job without another one lined up and not even any prospects. I was stressed out of my mind, I have these reoccurring bills that seem to come at me every month. Not only that, but I would need money to buy chicken and egg whites and of course take my son, Christian to Target, the place I easily spend a $100 when I just went in for one thing.  Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about ladies!  On the flip side, if I wanted to get all crazy, I had another option; not working and spending the next two months with Christian living like a free spirited human no longer chained to a desk.

So began the internal struggle, the planner, controlling side of me said to “get a job now” and the calm, cool and collected side said “stop and enjoy the summer with Christian”.  After some struggling I decided to spend the next two months kicking it with Christian.  I was fortunate enough to be able to cover my expenses for this time period so I decided to take advantage of it. I would TRUST that the right job would come at the right time.  Summers are my time to spend with Christian and how perfect it turned out that I was able to spend the next two months with him instead of dropping him off at the daycare then gazing out my office window wishing I was with him at the pool instead.
You and MeWe had a wonderful and memorable two months together! Then in perfect timing an awesome job opportunity presented itself. Christian would soon be leaving  and I would be able to start my new job a week after he left. The timing, and the opportunity were perfect, better than I could have planned.   You might think it to be a simple coincidence.  I’d like to think it’s because I chose to follow my heart, let go of the need to be in control and to just trust the process.  I had my doubts many times, but I could either sit around and stress, or let go and trust.

The “process” as I refer to it are the events that happen to us, most of the time they are unexpected and can often times be hardships we go through.  I am still learning to trust that each event is happening or has happened for a reason. If we allow them, these experiences can be an opportunity for growth, or just simply an opportunity to see things in a different light. It also makes things a lot less stressful. I mean when you think about it, sitting around worrying is a lot of hard work and wasted energy. Hard times will come and that’s a guarantee, how you handle them and what you learn from them, not that is up to you.  Trust the process.

2 thoughts on “Trust the Process

  1. What a beautiful way of looking at things. What an even more beautiful way of spending that reflection with the part of us that makes us whole, are kids. I am so happy for you. And because of you maybe I’ll start trusting the process a little bit more. 😉


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